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Arrow Machine Tools and its range of products have always been associated with high quality and performance. The company offers a wide range of Lathe Machines and Special Purpose Cutting Machine. Our products include CNC Turning Lathe Machine, Capstan Lathe Machine, Single Spindle Automatic Lathe machines, CNC Training Lathes etc. These lathe machines are used for manufacturing different components of ferrous and non ferrous materials especially for automotive industry.

We also manufacture Special Purpose Machines with Auto loading/unloading, Tube Cutting & Chamfering Machines etc. All our products are produced and designed as per the international quality and standard. They are easy to operate and maximize the productivity of any unit. We offer these machines as per the customized requirements of the clients. As our products are highly durable and genuine in quality, we are considered as one of the credible Center Lathe Machinery Exporters and Suppliers from India.

Lathe Machine

Arrow Machine Tools is specialized in the manufacturing and supplying of wide range of Lathe Machines in the international market. Our wide range of Heavy Duty Lathe Machine includes Capstan Lathe Machine, Center Lathe Machine, CNC Lathe Machine and Single Spindle Automatic Lathe Machine. Our Automatic Lathe Machine has self rotating axis that is very effective for shaping piece of material, such as wood or metal in varied shapes and sizes. Besides, we are one of the major Lathe Machine Manufacturers and Exporters from India.

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  • Capstan Lathe Machine

    Finishing : Powder Coated

    Packaging Type : Wooden Box

    Speciality : Easy To Use, High Efficiency

    Material : Mild Steel

    Shape : Rectangular

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    Capstan Lathe Machine

  • CNC Lathe Machine
    Our CNC Lathe Machine is highly effective for turning as well as grooving of different kinds of materials. We use superior quality materials to manufacture Heavy Duty CNC Lathe Machine making them highly durable. Additionally, we are a prime Vertical CNC Lathe Machine Manufacturer and one of the

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    CNC Lathe Machine

  • Single Spindle Automatic Lathe
    The authenticity and reliability of our Single Spindle Automatic Lathe has made it very popular in the industry. Our Single Spindle Automatic Lathe Machine is highly competent to manufacture components of ferrous as well as non-ferrous materials which are rounding, hexagonal and of square shape. We

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    Single Spindle Automatic Lathe

Thread Rolling Machine

  • TB-20S Thread Rolling Machine

    Diameter for the threads rolled : Ø6-Ø25/mm

    Range of pitch rolled : 0.4-2.5P

    Length of thread rolled : In feed or Thru feed

    Spindle Speed : 27rpm

    Outside diameter of rolling die : Ø100mm-Ø118mm

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    TB-20S Thread Rolling Machine

  • TB-25S Thread Rolling Machine

    Diameter for the threads rolled : Ø8-Ø42/mm

    Range of pitch rolled : 1.0-3.5P

    Length of thread rolled : In feed or Thru feed

    Spindle Speed : 36/47/60/78rpm

    Outside diameter of rolling die : Ø135mm-Ø170mm

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    TB-25S Thread Rolling Machine

  • TB-30A Thread Rolling Machine

    Diameter for the threads rolled : Ø9-Ø35/mm

    Range of pitch rolled : 0.5-2.5P

    Length of thread rolled : In feed or Thru feed

    Spindle speed : 350-600rpm varianle Speed

    Outside diameter of rolling die : Ø78mm-Ø90mm

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    TB-30A Thread Rolling Machine

  • TB-3T Thread Rolling Machine

    Range of pitch rolled : 0.4-1.5P

    Diameter for the threads rolled : Ø2-Ø10/mm

    Outside diameter of rolling die : Ø100mm

    Inside diameter of rolling die(keyway) : Ø50.5mm

    Thickness of rolling die : 30mm

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    TB-3T Thread Rolling Machine

Oxygen Generator

  • 1 Ltr Oxygen Generator

    Type : English Control Panel

    Working Principle : PSA

    Power : ≤ 90W

    Oxygen Concentration : 93% ±2(~30%)

    Oxygen Flow : 1~7 L/m

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    1 Ltr Oxygen Generator

  • 10 Ltr. Oxygen Generator

    Flow(L/min) : 10L

    Noise(dB(A) : ≤ 58

    Purity : 93%±3%

    Power(V) : AC 220-230V, 50 Hz

    Dimension(LxWxH) : 380x350x610mm

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    10 Ltr. Oxygen Generator

  • 5 Ltr. Oxygen Generator

    Power Supply : AC230V, 50Hz/ AC220V, 60Hz/AC120V, 60Hz;

    Power : 390VA

    Sound level : 46dB (A)

    Maximum recommended flow : 5L/min

    Flow Range at Outlet Pressure : 0.5^-7L/min

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    5 Ltr. Oxygen Generator

Special Purpose Machine

The company is engaged in the production and distribution of high end Special Purpose Machine in the national as well as international market. Our Special Purpose Industrial Machinery is used for the purposes of drilling, forming, chamfering, turning, and grooving. Our Automatic Special Purpose Machine is especially designed to do the secondary operation jobs. Our special cutting machine is very much efficient in cutting various kinds of pipes. Also our special drilling machine is much competent to drill on various kinds of surfaces in very short period of time. Consequently, we are reckoned as a prominent supplier of Special Purpose Machines in the industy.  


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