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Spindle Movable Type CNC Lathe CK-1113

Spindle Movable Type CNC Lathe CK-1113


Type Automatic
Condition New
Coolat pump motor 1/8 HP
(mm) Max bore size of tool Φ20
(mm) Max Cravel (X axis) 160
(mm) Max manu Dia Φ65

CK113 Spindle Movable Type CNC machine has features of reasonable structure, fast tool changing, high reliability. The machine, compared with all others of its class, can obviously reduce times of feeding material, and improve efficiency when processing slender parts. A one-time material feeding is enough for processing full length of parts that less than 150mm.

The material feeding part of the machine is equipped with automatic feeder, and the catching part can be installed with short and long part catching device ( can order according to your need) to realize the processing mode that one person minds several machines, so as to save labour.

This kind of machine is the best for processing shaft parts that have complicated shape and require high precision and mass production in car and motor accessory, medicine, micro-axis, electronic component, pneumatic tool, clock industries etc.



  • Equip with optional rotating guide bush, and can processing hexagonal, square etc section.
  • Large number of tools with fast changing speed.
  • Can process very slender parts.

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